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Updated June 1, 2014

Two for the Road: Visiting Tuscany with my granddaughter Denise Napa Valley Register

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Wine for wine lovers from around the world

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Wines of Europe

Lauguedoc wines shed their rough image


Wines of Georgia Napa Valley Register



Exploring Iberia Napa Valley Register


Romania seeks a drink of the US wine market


Planting in Pompeii: Mastroberardino recreates ancient wines
Napa Valley Register


Improved Sicilian Wines Attract New Fans



Wine in general

Why Americans don't drink wine; the origins of Trader Joe's Napa Valley Register

Labels Gone Wild Wine Enthusiast.


Second Careers in Wine Wine Enthusiast

Wines from the heart of Texas

Wine in the West Wing: Wines served in the White House
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Wines from America other than Napa Valley


Nicolás Catena: the “Bob Mondavi” of Argentina
Wine Business Monthly

Chile beckons vintners and travelers

Wine from Key West


The most-visited winery in America -- Biltmore Estate


Wine trails in Steinbeck country Napa Valley Register


San Benito - California's hidden wine region Napa Valley Register










Winemaking in Georgia

The White House

Catena's Neo-Mayan wine temple

mount vesuvius

Pompeii rises above new vines

Life in Napa Valley

A Millionaire's Guide to Buying the Napa Dream Food & Wine.

Napa Valley's subterranean wineries including Palmaz and Jarvis. 

Wines & Vines.



Impressive Palmaz winery




Two for the Road: Visiting Tuscany with my granddaughter Denise

Napa Valley Register


Sirmione: A gem in Lake Garda Napa Valley Register

The United States

Mendocino offers friendly, informal tastings and fine wines

Fort Bragg: Mendocino's overlooked Cinderella






































The Weller House Inn in Fort Bragg

veramonteVeramonte Winery in Casablanca Valley



Escape to paradise? A year on a sailboat in Antigua

Return to Paradise (15 years later)


14 days in as islands: A sailing cruise through Greece's Dodecanese Islands.

Selkie in English Harbor, Antigua



Abalone farmers make a rare treat available Napa Valley Register.

Beyond Salads, Felafel or Hummus  Using garbanzos in Italian pancakes, pizzas, polenta, panisse and panelle Napa Valley Register


Local authors fill cookbook shelves

A Southern barbecue


A fish story Napa Valley Register.
Simple Wok-Smoked Salmon
Napa Valley Register.



Food from the Republic of Georgia Napa Valley Register


Hot stuff: Wood burning ovens Wine Country Living


Fast Food from Italian Islands Napa Valley Register




Finding the new Caribbean cuisine




Paella Dinner at Schramsberg Napa Valley Register



La Cucina del Castello: A "vegetarian" cooking school in Tuscany Napa Valley Register 




A Tuscan dinner feast at Long Meadow Ranch  Napa Valley Register


A Georgian feast

The local market in Iles des Saintes off Guadelupe

Tochi "castle," site of the cooking school

The view from Long Meadow Ranch


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