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The perfect vacation in Italy

Editor and writer Paul Franson.


Travel to Europe



 Harvest in Champagne

 The winter menu in Languedoc

 Savoring culinary specialties on the Riviera

 Wines of France’s Jura

a Cucina del Castello  A "vegetarian" cooking  experience in Tuscany  Napa Valley Register 

 Improved Sicilian Wines Attract New Fans

 Soave undergoes a renaissance

 Off-season Italy

 Planting in Pompeii:  Mastroberardino recreates ancient wines  Napa Valley Register

 Italy's Aeolian Islands

 A Visit to Ischia, Land of Radioactive Baths

 Italy's Undiscovered Silver Island Monte Argentario

 A Culinary Cruise to Italian Islands,  San Francisco Chronicle

 Procida, Where Il Postino Delivered Mail to Pablo Neruda

A new era for Italy's central wine regions 

Sirmione  A gem in Lake Garda  Napa Valley Register

Old becomes new in Chianti 

The perfect vacation in Italy

An Italian vacation: Resorts in a restored rural monastery and village   Napa Valley Register

 A family trip to Finland

Wines from Vinho Verde delight and surprise

Exploring Iberia

 Republic of Georgia aims for U.S. wine market

  Romania seeks a drink of the U.S. wine market

 Thieves 1; tourist 0  What happens when you lose    your ticket, passport and more  Napa Valley Register


Tochi "castle," site of the cooking school


mount vesuvius
Pompeii rises above new vines

Travel to the Caribbean and Latin America


Wine in Chile


Wine in Argentina

 South American wines making their presence known in U.S.

 Chile beckons vintners and travelers

 Chilean vintners shoot higher in the wine market

 A delightful visit to Puerto Vallarta

Where in the world is Bocas del Toro?

 Nuevo Puerto Rico  San Francisco Moda

 Nicolás Catena: the “Bob Mondavi” of Argentina
 Wine Business Monthly

 Finding the new Caribbean cuisine

Veramonte Winery in Casablanca Valley

Catena winery
Catena's Neo-Mayan wine temple

The local market in Iles des Saintes

Sailing experiences

Sailing the Bay:
A Cruise of San Francisco Bay,

Antigua Sailing Week

Report from the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Bolero Dances On

Adela, a modern classic

Twice Reborn

Desmond Nicholson, A Classic Gentleman & Naval Historian

Zeeland — A Family Sails a Classic


 Escape to paradise?
A year on a sailboat in Antigua
 (with apologies to Peter Mayle, author of A Year in Provence)


 Return to Paradise


14 Days in the 12 Islands
 A wonderful sailing vacation on a 50 ft. sailboat
Greece's   Dodecanese Islands  (long)



Selkie in English Harbor, Antigua

Visiting California

See NapaLife for travel, food and wine in Napa Valley, the heart of America's wine country.


A Millionaire's Guide to Buying the Napa Dream,  Food & Wine.

 Bodega Bay  Alameda Herald, San Mateo Times, 
 Oakland Tribune, Tri-Valley Herald, Fremont Argus

Gold and wine: Exploring the El Dorado County wine region

Wine trails in Steinbeck country

Mendocino offers friendly, informal tastings and fine wines

Fort Bragg:  Mendocino's overlooked Cinderella

San Benito - California's hidden wine region

A Dream Drive through Santa Barbara's Wine Country  

Lodi -- California's new wine destination

Mendocino, So close yet so far

Sequoia National Park

Staying at a Vineyard Inn 


Paso Robles

Making a home in wine country (Don and Rhonda Carano of Ferrari-Carano)

Lake Tahoe 

Mendocino Crab & Wine Day






The famous schoolhouse from 'The Birds"

The Weller House Inn in Fort Bragg

Visiting other parts of the United States

  San Antonio’s River Walk suggests lessons for Napa

  A taste of New Mexico

 Visiting Florida's Real Margaritaville, Cedar Key

Where's the most visited winery in American? Would you believe … North Carolina?

 Wines from the hea(r)t of Texas

A stone’s throw from Seattle: Visiting Woodinville’s wineries Wine Country Living

 A Visit to the Lost Corner of the US, Eastport, Maine

A stone’s throw from Seattle:  Visiting Woodinville’s wineries  Wine Country Living

The Island Hotel on Cedar Key

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