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Spring Mountain Winery returns to life,”
Wine Business Monthly

The Business End – a biweekly column in the Napa Valley Register

Wine Business Monthly

Rotary Fermenters, Tank Presses and Computer Networks Ease Winemaking
Looming Labor Shortages Drive Mechanization in Vineyards
Co-Pigmentation Theories Create Controversy, Inspire Experiments
Everything's Coming Up Rosés
Millennium May Restore Bubbles to Flat Sparkling Wine Market
Women make their mark in the wine business
Delia Viader -- One of a kind
How much alcohol is too much?
Growers Seek Virgin Land for Premium Grapes
Caution: Big Crops Ahead
Napa County to vote on flood fix measure
Terra Spase creates its space in viticulture
Never underestimate the value of networking, 10/99
Millenium champagne shortage goes flat, Dec/99
Italian wine market, 2/00
Wine Exports Fight Global Economic Trends, 3/00
Wine Web Warehouses, 5/00
Northwest Wineries Dig Caves, Too, 5/00
Spring Mountain Winery returns to life, 7/00
Gallo Speaks: World's Largest Producer Shares Winemaking Secrets, 8/00
Monterey County seeks to shed stepsister status, 8/00
Lodi-Woodbridge, January 2001
Champagne: producers look to future after disappointing vintage, February 2001
Constellation Brands: Making a strong move into fine wines, March 2001
Chalone Wine Group Steers to the Market's Mainstream, April 2001
Tony Terlato jumps the fence, from importer to vintner, Sept. 2001
Copia offers programs for wine business as well as consumers, Oct. 2001
Scheid Vineyards: Growing customer service along with grapevines, Dec. 2001
Tracking Depletions Becomes New Priority For Wineries, April 2002
Logistics: Services Solve Knotty Problem of Getting Wines to Most Customers, June 2002
Green marketing bypasses wine business, July 2002
Napa Ridge Winery gains a home to match its presence, August 2002
Second Wave of Europeans Taught—and Learned—Important Lesson, September 2002
Canandaigua digests its big bites, October 2002

Fast-Growing Malternatives Threaten Grape Expectations, November 2002

Walt Klenz Leads Beringer Blass Where No Winery Has Gone, January 2003

FreeRun Designs Technology to Meet Winery Web Needs, February 2003

Sparkling Wines Recover from Millennium Debacle, March 2003

Tips on Wine Public Relations, March 2003

Turner Road Vintners creates wetlands to process wastewater, May 2003

New organic labeling policy solves some problems, creates, others, June 2003

Fetzer Vineyards ups the ante in organic growing, June 2003

Identify and optimize mouthfeel sensations, August 2003

Domaine Carneros solar system to pay off in four years, August 2003

Nicolás Catena, the Bob Mondavi of Argentina, October 2003

Clarksburg AVA Fights for Reputation to Match its Grape Quality, November 2003

Changing the Code: Genetically Modified Vines and Yeasts Pit Science Against Emotion, December 2004

True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution, December 2004

Wineries Turn to Advanced Technology to Meet Wastewater Requirements, March 2004

R.H. Phillips Exploits Off-beat Location to Create Big Success, March 2004

As Screw Caps Take Hold, Winemakers Report Few Changes, April 2004

New Activity Energizes Lake County Growers and Wineries, June 2004

Fred Franzia Warms at 30th Anniversary of Bronco Wine Company, June 2004

ASEV Responds to Demands for More Relevancy, Aug. 2004

The Winemaker's Dance: Exploring Terroir in the Napa Valley, Nov. 2004

The Barcode Meets the Barrel, Nov. 2004

True Precision Farming: Terra Spase's Paul Skinner, Jan. 2005

Italian Wine Company Booms with Draft Wine, February 2005

Industry Forum: How Different Publications Rate Wine, Dec. 2004

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Hang Time Highlights, March 2005

How to Apply For a Winery Permit, April 2005

The Solar Stampede, May 2005

Wine Marketing Companies Increase Roles in Industry, June 2005

Wine Caves Continue in Popularity, June 2005

Conveying Quality with Heavier Glass, Aug. 2005

Wine's New Capital Sources, Nov. 2005

Trends in Wine Industry Financing, Nov. 2005

Technology Enters the Tasting Room, Feb. 2006

Custom-Crush Facilities Expand Options for Monterey Winegrowers, Feb. 2006

Should you automate your winery, February 2006

New Air Quality Standards Challenge Large Central Valley Wineries, April 2006

Microcrush Companies Cater to Niche Brands, Aug. 2006

ASEV Highlights -- Supplier Showcases Emphasize the Practical, Sept. 2006

Working With High-Brix Harvests, Sept. 2006

Lender Insights on the State of the Industry, Oct. 2006

Solving Lodi's Capacity Crunch, Oct. 2006


Wines & Vines


From Napa To Okanagan, Nov. 2004   
Biltmore Estate, Nov. 2004

Constellation's New R&D Lab, Dec. 2004

San Bernabe, Dec. 2004

Allen Shoup's Long Shadows Winery, Feb. 2005

Santa Cruz Mountains: The Hidden Appellation , May 2005

The Transformation of Red Mountain, Aug. 2005

Washington's New and Proposed AVAs, Aug. 2005

Six88 And WI Tackle Direct Shipping With Technology, Sept. 2005

Walla Wall: Small Town Hits the Big Time, Nov. 2005

Lake County's High Valley AVA, Dec. 2005

Baja California: Better Quality, Bigger Market , Jan. 2006

Subterranean Wineries, January 2006

San Antonio Festival: Spotlight On Texas , April 2006

Arizona Vintners Lead, Lag California, April 2006

Wine Evolution: A Dose Of Reality For Exporters, April 2006

Marketing Matters Are Big Tastings Worthwhile? July 2006

Is Colorado the New Washington?, Oct. 2006


Vineyard and Winery Management


New process may end corked wines January/February 1999
Is a barrel shortage looming? March/April 1999
Do appellations matter? March/April 1999
Are natural fermentations superior? May/June 1999
The changing focus on Chardonnay 1999, May/June 1999
Wineries consider long-term strategy to maintain competitiveness, May/June 1999
Ecological meeting highlights issues in Napa Valley, May/June 1999
Over-the-row grape growing takes off, July/August 1999
Facility of dreams, July/August 1999
Collier Falls: From Hollywood to the Hills, September/October 1999
Paso Robles AVA, January/February 2000
Wild Horse Winery, January/February 2000
Eberle Winery,  January/February 2000
Marimar Torres Winery March/April 2000
Miguel Torres Winery March/April 2000
Illegal Immigrant from Florida (glassy-winged sharpshooter) March/April 2000
Vineyard Development in a Sustainable Context, May/June 2000
Clos LaChance, May/June 2000
Labeling, not just your ordinary controversy, May/June 2000
Chilean wineries rush to meet new demand, July/August 2000

Robot punches down cap for consistent wines and low labor costs, July/August 2000
Washington State Wines, September/October 2000
Lake County wines, November/December 2000
Texas wineries struggle, but produce good wines, January/February 2001
Frankenwine, March/April 2001
Charles Krug barrel program, March/April 2001
Chile 2001, May/June 2001
White Burgundy and California Chardonnay, July/August 2001
The Threat of Brett,  September/October 2001
Wine Vision, Nov.-Dec. 2001
Dealing with a recesion, Nov.-Dec. 2001
Winemaking innovations in Monterey County, Jan.-Feb. 2002
Atlas Peak Winery, Mar.-Apr. 2002
Managing irrigation July-Aug. 2002
Organic, sustainable or biodynamic? July-Aug. 2002
Growers and wineries investigate their relationships, Sept.-Oct. 2002
First International Sauvignon Blanc Symposium, Sept-Oct. 2002

Syrah gains a toehold in Dry Creek Valley, Nov.-Dec. 2002

PlumpJack Winery’s study of screw caps is ongoing, Nov.-Dec. 2002

Grapecraft: Advanced winemaking technology, January-February 2003

The nature of closures, May-June 2003

The vineyard and winery of the future, July-August 2003

Stainless Steel Barrels—Back to the Future, November/December 2003

Sulfur Compounds in Winemaking, March/April 2004

Post-Fermentation Processes, March/April 2004

Winery Sanitation Driven by Changing Regulations and Consumer Demand, May / June 2004

Attendees investigate new directions at WineVision’s Great Awakening, 2004


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